writing task making connections and asking questions

This is a two part assignment.

Part 1

Describe one way in which the first chapters of Educated might connect or relate to some of the ideas in John Webster’s “Learning about Learning” essay. Make sure you use quotations to support the point you are making. Please frame your answer in a paragraph or two and please use correct and consistent citation.

    • NOTE: To incorporate a quote, make sure you use a quote sandwich. I’m going to assume most students practiced this in English 101 but as a quick reminder, when you use a quote you should do the following
      • 1) introduce the quote, who and where it is from, and any context the reader will need to understand the quote (assume your reader is familiar with the book or text you’re citing but not as familiar as you)
      • 2) Use the quote, make sure you do not quote more than you need. You will need to explain the quote and long quotes required long explanations.
      • 3) Explain the quote. Tell the reader what to pay attention to in the quote, what is significant about it, and how it relates to the topic you’re discussing, the claim you’re supporting, or the point you’re making.

Part 2

What is one question about learning and/or education that is related to these two text but will expend the conversation about learning and education beyond the book or the essay? First write out the question and then offer a short discussion about what motivates the question. By “motivates” I mean, what about reading the first 4 chapters of Westover’s book and the essay by Webster makes you interested in asking the question?

        • NOTE: This is practice for creating a research question. A research question should be open ended about concepts related to either text and that can be researched, not based on opinion alone.

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