writing a summary about an article from the economist

The Harvard Business Review article “How Should We Measure the Digital Economy?” by Erik Brynolfsson and Avinash Collis offers an different way to look at GDP. Economist around the world are struggling to understand why economic models are not working, The attached article helps explain problems with current the GDP calculation.

This is an individual, written assignment. This assignment should resemble as executive briefing based on your analysis of the article. The analysis should be professionally done. (5-7 pages, double spaced, 11 font, 1” margins).

Coverage must include:

  • Executive summary- gives general overview of case including key issues or problems and recommendations.
  • Analysis- describe the overarching framework for the article and its background. No additional information should be used other than that provided in the article text.
  • Problem statement- more focus on statement of problem or central issue within the article. More than one issue may be relevant, the write-up should name and discuss the issues explicitly.
  • Options- present any options that the article offers. OR:
  • Recommendations- presents any recommendations the article provides.

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