write your own final exam instructions

Write your Own Final Exam: Instructions

1. The Exam must have 50 questions and you must supply the correct answers to your question.

2. Questions should be asked in a variety of ways and may include Multiple Choice, with the correct answer given, Fill-in-the-Blank, True/False or Essay.

3. The exam should demonstrate that you have found what you consider to be the most pertinent (important material) from each Section of the course.

4. You must include 17 questions from Section 1; 17 questions from Section 2; and 16 questions from Section 3 of the course.

5. Check for spelling and grammar errors using Microsoft Word: Tools: Spell Check and Grammar Check.

6. Upload your WRITE YOUR OWN FINAL EXAM into Assignment Submission, by attaching the file from your computer or copying and pasting it directly into Assignment Submission—not Comments.

7. All Assignments will be checked for plagiarism using Safe Assign. So, be sure to do your own work and word each question carefully using your own words.


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