write document research essay by reading

Need to read the essay “s “Academic Dishonesty” Now a Fact of College Life?” Please see attached picture for the reading.

After reading the essay:
“Is “Academic Dishonesty” Now a Fact of College Life?” (MC p.13) respond to
ONE of the
essay questions below. Conduct a brief research on the topic both online and in the library. Based on your research findings, write a five-paragraph essay, that argues your point of view.

  • Albert Einstein wrote, “Try to become not a man of success, but try rather to become a man of value.” Discuss your reasons for why keeping your integrity is a precondition to learning.
  • what initiatives would you start to promote and ensure academic integrity in our college? (Please use third person point of view).
  • Should plagiarism ever be a crime?
  • What are the most damaging consequences of plagiarism for our society?
  • Instructions:
    1. Write a five– paragraph research essay of approximately 800 words in length. Please double space everything.
    2. Your introduction should be approximately 5-6 sentences in length and should include a 3- point thesis statement.
    3. Each body paragraph should include a clear topic sentences, transitions and clear examples based on your own ideas and with reference to the readings from your research. Each paragraph should be approximately 10-15 sentences.
    4. The concluding paragraph (4-5 sentences) should re-state the thesis and leave the reader with a memorable statement.
    5. References:

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