write article and write 1 2 paragraph analysis

Write a 1-2 paragraph analysis AND respond to at least one

A. Write a 1-2 paragraph analysis of the most interesting, puzzling, or convincing idea you found in The Communist Manifesto. You can do this in two ways.

1) Analyze a 1-2 sentence excerpt of The Communist Manifesto and offer a close reading and interpretation of these sentences, and why they are a good example of what the manifesto is arguing as a whole. If you choose this option, post the quoted excerpt from the manifesto at the top of your response.

2) Write a paragraph that contains 2 questions you still have after reading The Communist Manifesto.

Choose EITHER option 1 or option 2. In either case, your paragraph should start with an analysis of the points you found most striking and profound, or puzzling or unconvincing in the readings. What is The Communist Manifesto about as a whole? State your analysis of the argument. Then, offer either a close interpretation of the passage you chose, or pose 2 questions that accompany this analysis should take the form of an opening, a provocation or an incitement to discussion based on your engagements with the readings. It should be precisely framed and accompanied by a brief justification that conveys why you are interested in this quote / these questions, and why it is important to the overall argument of The Communist Manifesto.


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