write a paragraph or two describing what your project is going to be

Your description should include how you intend to incorporate the required features (unless it is obvious)

-what is the game and how will it flow.

-the random number generation

-the score keeping

-the 2 loops

-the reading in/out text file feature

-the mini game/menu feature

-the use of an array

-the function that will return a value

Write a video game program that plays and flows like a video game. The program should encompass all these features:

  1. The “game” part of the program should involve logic that performs different actions based on player input (text based adventure, text based mystery, competing with the computer over some simple rules).
  2. There must be some form of random number generation.
  3. Some form of score keeping needs to be used.
  4. At least two loops throughout the program.
  5. The program should load a save file at some point. The player should be inputting their username (minimum) at some point during the game.
  6. There needs to be a mini game within the game. The rules for this mini game should be even more basic than the main game, or can be a menu feature instead.

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