week 5 exam 1

Test Content

  1. This is an open book test. If indicated, the answers must come from your Week 3 through Week 5 class reading assignments. APA formatting is required for your reference citations, which should be given at the end of each question.

  2. Question 1

    20 Points
    What are the four steps of cost-benefit analysis as described in your textbook?

  3. Question 2

    20 Points
    Identify and briefly describe the three waves of reform policies dealing with the mentally ill discussed in your Criminal Justice Policy textbook.

  4. Question 3

    20 Points
    Your Criminal Justice Policy textbook discusses the history of U.S. drug policy. Evaluate these policies: Which do you think has been the most successful policy and why? The least successful?

  5. Question 4

    20 Points
    Evaluate one of the emerging policies discussed in Chapter 20 of your Criminal Justice Policy textbook.

  6. Question 5

    20 Points
    In your opinion, is the criminal justice system a failure? Explain your answer.


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