w3 db 2 english 101

Synthesis Discussion

Read all of the assigned readings for this week:

  • Do any of the readings lend insight to the political ad you plan to write your paper about? (the reading is attached, check it out)
  • Use the texts to help explain the rhetorical strategies in your ad.

In your post, post a link to your ad first.

  • Then choose two quotes from the reading you have chosen.
  • After the quotes, explain how the text lends insight to the ad you have chosen and how it helps you explain the rhetorical strategies of the ad.
  • 300 words.
  • Respond to two classmates (100 word min) by Sunday, 11:59 PM (your time zone).
  • (
    I will send you 2 DB so you can respond on them later.)

    Thank you.


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