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hi so i am going to take a quiz in the next 3 hours. Ones i start the quiz it will have a 30 minutes time limit.

the quiz will have

  • 6 Yes/No questions @2points: 12 points
  • 1 mix-and-match question @8 points= 8 points
  • 8 Multiple choice question @5 points = 40 points

also i will add the materials for the quiz

A) Please read chapter 12: Animal Rights and CSR and the additional materials concerning the debate from Foie Grass and Animal Cruelty

Chapter 12:

B) Foie Grass controversy: Chefs vs PETA

What is the problem with Foie Grass?

Foie Grass is the French term for “Greasy liver” that comes from goose or duck.

Throughout centuries, cooks have found Goose or Duck foie grass to be a delicacy to prepare multiple dishes. In the US, you can buy fresh foie grass for about $127 (package 0f 1.5-2 pounds). However, animal rights activitists like PETA have called the attention of the cruelty for force-feeding animals (3 times a day) so they can get bigger (and you know, the bigger the animal, the bigger the liver).

In the US, Chicago was the first city to forbid force-feeding foie grass in 2006, followed by Los Angeles (2012), and more recently New York (effectively 2022). In Europe, several movements have also been at stake to forbid production (the major producers remain France, Spain) and limit imports. Similar situations are placed in Asia, Australia, and other parts of the Americas.

Obviously, foie grass can also come from other animals (chicken or pork) and can be legally sold with no problems and the paste is called Pate. Pate (the cans or spread you can buy in a regular grocery store) is made of chicken or pork liver as a by-product from hams and sausages (Wal Mart sells Chicken pate for about $2.39 per 3.4 oz or Pork Liver pate for about $5.15 per 6.5 oz). Just as a side story, when my family used to run the convenience store, customers came to ask us for Pate from Goose liver; however, our Pate suppliers made it from pork livers.

Please review the documents and videos about Foie Grass

Hudson Valley (Foie Grass producer in New York):


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