undocumented immigrants in manhattan ny is my part need 2 3 pages

  • Where are the undocumented immigrants in this borough from, and where do they live? Mostly of Dominican and Mexican Decent.
  • Where do they work? Dominicans – cab drivers/bodegas/ home attendants/restaurant workers. Mexicans – Bodegas/restaurant workers/self employed, etc.
  • What kinds of conditions do they live and work in?
  • Make sure to include some sort of tie in to just practice (meaning, history, power, possibility, context) or liberation health model (cultural, personal, and institutional parts of a problem) if possible.
  • Below is a template:
  • The following guide is offered as a suggested approach for preparing the community project papers. Creativity is encouraged! The community project paper is a product of a creative process that flows from the members’ interactions as a group and your group’s learning as a result of engaging remotely with the community of focus. How you write about this process can be a reflection of your group’s unique style and perspective.INTRODUCTIONâ–ª What is the topic of discussion in this paper?â–ª What is the connection to social work?â–ª What does your paper do?COMMUNITY OF FOCUSâ–ª Who is the specified community and how does the community identify (who do they say they are)?â–ª Why was this community of interest/importance to your group?â–ª What were you curious to learn about this community, and why?PRE-ENGAGEMENTâ–ª What did you learn about the community prior to engagement, and how did you learn what you learned?â–ª What power and privilege dynamics as well as biases were you aware that you individually and collectively needed to be mindful of prior to engagement? How did you manage this?ENGAGEMENTâ–ª What strategies did you employ to engage with the community?â–ª What prompted you to choose these strategies?â–ª What was it like for your group to use the strategies?COMMUNITY TEACHING/LEARNING AND IMPLICATIONS FOR ACTIONâ–ª What did you learn about the community?â–ª How are you understanding this learning in the frame of JP and LH?o For example:â–ª How are you making meaning of what you learned? How does context help you to make sense of what you learned? How did you experience power dynamics in your remote engagement with community members (your power and their power)? How has history impacted the community – people, housing, resources, policing, transportation, access to food, health care, clean water, etc.; and, possibilities as seen from the perspectives of the community members?â–ª How does the personal, institutional, and cultural provide a frame for all you learned?â–ª What from your learning reflects potential intervention and/or advocacy that community members are interested in pursuing?â–ª How might social workers support community members in taking action?CONCLUSIONâ–ª What did your group learn about community engagement and teaching/learning from this assignment?o As applicable, how was what you learned influenced/framed within the current Covid-19 crisis?â–ª What did your group learn about group work from this experience as a group?â–ª How can you use these lessons in your social work practice going forward?

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