two sections reflection to four comprehensives 300 words reading reflection 500 words 1

1. Xi Jinping’s addition to Chinese communist party ideology are translated as the “Four Comprehensives.”

  • Comprehensively build a moderately prosperous society
  • Comprehensively deepen reform
  • Comprehensively govern the nation according to law
  • Comprehensively strictly govern the Party

In a short paragraph, evaluate these ideological goals: What do you notice about these four elements? If these are the goals of the party and meeting these goals gives the CCP legitimacy, do you think they are reasonable goals? How will we know if they are met? Does anything jump out at you as different from other ideologies that came out before it (i.e. MAO Zedong Thought, DENG Xiaoping Theory, Three Represents, and Harmonious Society)?

2. Reading any one of four articles and write a reading reflection in 500 words (focus on reflection instead of summary)

Chapter 4 Bruce Gilley “Deng Xiaoping and his Successors” (2nd edition: 119-129; 3rd edition: 124-133)

Chapter 8 David Zweig “China’s Political Economy”

Chapter 5 William A. Joseph “Ideology and China’s Political Development”

Chapter 6 Cheng Li “China’s Communist Party-State”


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