twe essay responses each be approximately 1500 words

The test consists of you writing two essay responses to the following themes. Essays should each be approximately 1,500 words, or approximately 3,000 words in total. As you will see, the themes are broad, so a big part of your response involves you creating a clear, specific thesis about your themes and discussing them in relation to two of the works that we have discussed in class. And so, I would like you to discuss two works per essay, and you can choose from the short stories by Zweig, Threepenny Opera by Brecht and The Trial by Kafka. When it comes to Zweig I would like you to discuss a different work for each of the two essays, if you choose to discuss him twice; in other words, you might discuss money and the abuse of power in ‘Fantastic Night’ and Threepenny Opera for one essay, and self-abasement ‘Letter From an Unknown Woman’ and The Trial in another. Those are just examples, but hopefully they suggest the approach that I’m loo


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