thesis paper rhetorical mode of cause and effect engl101

My instructions must be followed carefully; the format is just as important as it’s content.

5 complete full pages, pt. 12 font, double spaced

Thesis Statement should be placed at the very LAST sentence, and stated very clearly.

The thesis must contain; two subtopics & one main idea

Must follow the format- (Author name) uses the ____, ___

__ and ____ to create/illustrate/express ____.

Examples of correct format;

In No one Makes it out Alive claims that political change can be brought about through a combination of recognizing capitalism, common knowledge, and pity.

Make strong connections between the two subtopics

Topic and closing sentences must be similar in content.

Must include ALL; 4 outside sources, evidence within the story itself, and common knowledge.

Works Cited page (4 outside sources)

MLA format

Mention the articles main point and authors message.

Do NOT summarize the story, if quotes are used they must be less than 10 words long.

Discuss/elaborate/connect to the rhetorical mode of Cause and Effect

Consider- The daughter in this story lived under heavy pressure to meet the high expectations of her mother. What does this reveal about her childhood, family and her mother? Choose some examples of the theme of relationships in the book and cause and effect them.


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