the ruling class art discussion


Chapter 12 discusses how art can record not only the lifestyles of the rich and famous but also the also the middle the lower classes. The book categorizes these groups of people into The Ruling Class, The Working and Middle Class, and The Poor.

After you have read and fully understood this chapter, go to to search for an artwork to discuss that addresses class as described in the textbook.

In the discussion, include an artwork as well as a discussion as to how you believe this artwork discusses class. Be sure to discuss what class you believe is represented as well as how you believe the artist does this. Be sure to reference Chapter 12 as any other information that you find on that supports your argument. Be sure to include the artist’s name, the name of the artwork and the year in which it was made when discussing the artwork.

In addition, discuss at least two elements and one principle of composition as presented in Chapter 2 of your text. Remember that the elements of art include line, shape, color, form, value, space, texture, pattern, volume, time and movement. The principles of composition balance, rhythm, proportion and scale, emphasis, unity and variety. View the attached files to help you recall the principles and elements. Be sure to use language found in the textbook. For example: if you were discussing the color, I would expect that you discuss his use what kind of color pallet the artist is using. If you are discussing texture in a work, explain whether it is visual or actual texture, etc.

Your Discussion should be at least 250 words.

Your response to your classmate(s) should be at least 100 words.

You should also respond to at least one your classmate’s posts in which agree or disagree with the statements made in this post. You may also briefly discuss an element that your classmate did not mention. For example: if your classmate discussed the color and line you may discuss the artists use of actual or tactile texture.

WARNING: The work you discuss cannot be found in Chapter 12 but you may discuss a different work of art made by the artist. For example, you cannot discuss, The Kitchen Maid by Vermeer but you may discuss anything else by that artist. No two pieces in the forum should be the same. For example: if someone has already selected In the Night Café, you must select another work of art or you will not receive credit.


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