the human eye, intelligent design, and evolution

Do you ever wonder how so many different things came to exist on earth? While there is not much debate about how some things came to exist (like skyscrapers) there is considerable debate about others, like the human eye.

The human eye is a complex structure made up of many parts that function together to allow us to see all the things we do. Some people contend that the structure of the human eye developed through the process of evolution by natural selection. Others contend that the human eye was instead designed by an intelligent being. One thing that pretty much everybody agrees on is that humans are the most intelligent beings on earth. And while today’s humans are getting pretty good at designing bionic eyes, nobody is suggesting that ancient humans designed the current human eye. Thus, if the human eye was designed, it must have been done by a non-human being.

Read about the design versus evolution of the eye debate

Read about the human eye, intelligent design, and evolution

1. Prior to this class, what had you already heard about how the human eye came to exist?

2. Consider your own worldview. Do you hold any biases that make you want one of the claims about the development of the human eye to be true more than you want the other to be true?

3. What types of evidence would you need to reach a conclusion about which claim related to the development of the human eye is more supportable?


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