term project 26


The top management of a South Florida design and construction management company has asked you to help them determine the viability of diversifying/expanding into new areas. You are a consulting firm being hired to research the market and prepare a report with recommendations on whether or not the market/area of
(steps) to take to enter or expand into the market being researched. Present a report of your findings. Utilize the tools and approaches discussed in class and class materials.

For the purpose of declaring your topic you will need the following.

  • Overview of the company selected (could be real or fictitious) if a real company you could elect to change the name if necessary. Some of the information needed about the company is as follows:
    • Company History
    • Company size
    • Number of employees
    • Total revenues
    • Market sectors
    • Core services
    • Core geographies
    • Any additional Important Highlights
  • Provide preliminary opinion regarding which market sector(s) you will explore as part of the expansion or diversification strategy for the firm. You can select one or two of the market sectors listed below.
    • Aviation
    • Ports (Tri county Miami, Everglades, Palm Beach)
    • Medical Office Buildings
    • Higher Education
    • Public Private Partnerships
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality
    • Government/Municipal – be specific
    • Charter Schools
    • Green retrofits (Emphasis on life Cycle Cost, energy, water, carbon footprint)
    • Data centers
    • Transportation
    • Water and wastewater treatment plants
    • Become a Supplier of…you decide
    • Become a subcontractor of …you decide


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