stats projects must use statistix 10

Download the project. Complete the project and submit it in Canvas by midnight on April 22nd. Watch the video demonstration to see how to generate the printouts for the project. I also give some hints on the type of answers I am looking for. The computer demonstration starts at the 8:18-minute mark of the video. Watch the Submitting Projects Video to see how to do that process in Canvas and watch the Using Statistix in the Application Gateway video to see how that is done.

Feel free to join me or the TA during the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra sessions to ask questions about the project!

Project: Proj 3 Spring 2020.docx

Video Description/Printout Demonstration: Proj 3 Demo.mp4Play media comment.

Submitting Projects Video: Submitting Videos in Canvas.mp4Play media comment.

Using Statistix in the Application Gateway Video: Statistix in the Application Gateway.mp4Play media comment.

Each student will work individually to collect, enter, and analyze stock prices from data collected from the Excel spreadsheet below. Use the physical mixing techniques discussed in class to generate a simple random sample of 65 stocks with the following constraints:

  1. Randomly select 40 stocks from the New York Stock Exchange “R” group (click on the “R” below the New York Stock Exchange Listings).
  2. Randomly select 25 stocks from the NASDAQ “T” group (click on the “T” below the NASDAQ National Market Listings).

For each stock, record the company name (or ticker symbol) as shown on the website (create a variable called NAME in the data set), the current closing stock price(create a variable called CLOSE), the previous 52-week high price (create a variable called HIGH), the previous 52-week low price (create a variable called LOW), and the exchange that the stock is traded on (create a variable called EXCHANGE that is 0 if NYSE and 1 if NASDAQ). Enter the stock prices that you collect to two decimal places. Enter the stocks selected from both exchanges into a single data set.

Project assignments 1, 2, and 3 will be posted later in the semester specifying the printouts that need to be created for each project. An accompanying video will help you navigate through the Statistix software for each project as well.

Spring 2020 Stock List: If no stock price data exists for one of the stocks you selected, replace it with a different stock that does have data.

Stock Data.xlsx

Watch this video to see how you enter the selected stocks into the Statistix software:

Working with Data in Statistix 10.mp4Play media comment.

I strongly suggest you either purchase and load the Statistix software onto a PC or work on the library computers and save your data/printouts to a flash drive. As a third option, Statistix is available on the USF Application Gateway, but it has extra challenges associated with using it. I have created a video to help you navigate the Application Gateway if you choose to go that route.

Using the Application Gateway Spring 2020 (Links to an external site.)Using the Application Gateway   Spring 2020


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