stat and excel

For the first two problems below, refer to the spreadsheet “ttest HW.”

1.For this problem, refer to tab “q1.” There are two sets of data: Dataset 1 and 2. Plot both on a scatter plot and plot the linear regression line using Excel. Show the R2 value. Interpret these plots – what information can you extract about the direction and strength of the correlation?

2.For this problem, refer to tab “q2” This spreadsheet contains 7 pairs of distributions. Plot the distributions (one pair per plot) and perform two-tailed t tests for independent samples for each pair (α = 0.05). DO NOT use statistical software – show your work in a spreadsheet (without using the “TTEST” function in excel) and turn this in for credit. How are the distribution pairs different from each other? What is the same? How do the different parameters of the distributions effect the resulting p values?

3.You are designing an experiment to test the effectiveness of a new type of radiation therapy on prostate cancer. The primary endpoint of the study is to reduce mean rectal dose to the patient. How would you design the experiment? What type of statistical tests could you use?


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