speech technology topic selection assignment smartphone consumers should take a weekly technology break of at least 12 waking hours


+Technology-Topic Selection Assignment-Smartphone consumers should take a weekly technology break of at least 12 waking hours.

Or: Lifestyle –People should eat only vegetables.

A. Complete the Topic Selection Assignment.

1. What is the social issue you have selected for this speech?

2. What is your specific purpose for this speech?

3. What is your thesis statement?

4. Briefly describe the need (problem).

5. Briefly describe your proposed satisfaction (solution)?.

6. Briefly describe the visualization (what the world will look like).

B. Outline:


1. To learn and practice the following principles of speech preparation:

o Selecting and researching an appropriate topic

o Effectively using/citing sources in a speech

o Developing clear purpose and thesis statements

o Writing a proper outline

o Creating a speech with an introduction, body, and conclusion

o Using sound reasoning in a problem-solution format

2. To deliver a persuasive speech to an audience using an extemporaneous style delivery following Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6HH3-Fq23I)

3. Time Limit: 5-6 minutes

4. Sources: You must cite at least 5 different sources in this speech.

o 3 of the sources must be from the past 5 years.

o You must have at least 3 sources, which includes journal articles, books, etc. These items may come from either mainstream journalism, academic journals, or government reports.

o All of your sources must be cited completely and accurately during your speech, in your outline, and on your Works Cited page using MLA format.

o You should use a variety of types of supporting material (e.g., examples, narratives, statistics, expert testimony, etc.) Be sure to address issues of ethos, pathos, and logos as discussed in class.

5. Outline: A typed, full-sentence outline and typed references will be due prior to presenting your presentation.


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