screening and assessments unit 6 discussion

Within this unit, you have learned the importance of operationally defining the target behavior, the ways in which we record behavior, and some specific direct descriptive methods of FBA.

For this discussion, you are going to focus on operationally defining a target behavior as well as identifying the appropriate method of measurement and assessment. Do an internet search for a video of a potential target behavior. You may search in broad terms such as “crying”, “tantrum”, etc. Once you have identified a video, include a link to your chosen video in your initial post. Provide an operational definition of the target behavior. Identify the type of measurement that you feel is best to record the level of occurrence of your target behavior. Measure the behavior using this method and indicate the level of occurrence of behavior that you have recorded.

Peer Responses: Respond to two classmates’ primary posts by reviewing the operational definition provided by your peer, watching the link, and collecting data using the same type of measurement your peer identified. In your response, indicate the occurrence of the target behavior that you recorded. Discuss whether you obtained the same level of occurrence. Indicate whether you feel as though this is the best method of measuring the identified target behavior.


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