rns215 week2

Then, read through the available mentor texts (Note: there are 4 topics, with 2 articles addressing each topic (pro/con). Please choose articles on the same topic to analyze for this assignment. However, do read more than just two).

All of these mentor texts links are contemporary examples of today’s letter writing genre.

Comment on how you see these texts using different approaches in their appeals to civic/public issues.

CHOOSE AT LEAST 2 ARTICLES (a pair on a shared topic) to discuss, though you can, of course, discuss more than 2 readings.

Things to consider:

  • How each author identifies, appeals to, and respects their opposition. Then, how the authors transition to their own claims to offer rebuttal/refutation.
  • How each author builds a relationship/persona with their target audience
  • Differences in formatting/style or presentation of information. Consider font, design, style, subheadings, use of images, etc.
  • How each author makes a clear goal/purpose/next step for their audience to foll
  • ow.

Minimum word count: 200 words







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