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Requirements The final paper should be a minimum of 6 (six) full pages in MLA format. You also need to include a works cited page (not included as one of your 6 pages) and must use a minimum of 6 sources – 3 for each “side” of the issue. The Editorial Cartoon should appear in the Works Cited page, but it does not count towards as one of your 6 sources.

Rogerian Style Paper: A Typical Strategy (Warning: Each number does not represent a paragraph) 1. Begin by exploring common ground the writer shares with the audience—gain the interests from parties on both sides of the issue. Think about the basic human values the two sides might share. For example, several years ago a big issue was the H1N1 flu (swine flu.) With that issue, the paper could begin with health concerns about a pandemic. 2. You might also want to include some background/history on the issue. For example, for the topic of the swine flu, I could include history about the 1918 Influenza Pandemic that killed between 20 and 40 million people. 3. Next, move towards an objectively phrased statement that defines the issue. For example: While some people feel as though the H1N1 Flue (Swine Flu) should be a major concern to all of Americans, others feel as though the media is exploiting the subject for political and economic gain. 4. Then, present a complete and neutrally worded analysis of one side’s position. You should demonstrate that you understand their position and their reasons for holding it. Your goal is to show empathetic understanding of the opposing argument. This may take several paragraphs. Use a minimum of 3 sources in this section. For example: Those who feel that the media is not exploiting H1N1, point to the fact that the public needs to be informed. 5. Next, you should carefully present your side of the issue in a way that does not dismiss the other side. You should carefully avoid any suggestion that your side is more just, more moral, or more sensitive than the opposing position. This may also take several paragraphs. Use a minimum of 3 sources in this section. For example: While it does help to be informed, it is important to remember that the news media is a business driven by ratings, and ratings… 6. Bring the two sides together, and explain how the opposition would benefit from considering your position. This is where you get to attempt to persuade the other side that your position will benefit everyone. However, remain consistent with the Rogerian style—this is not your time to “attack” the opponent, but rather your time to point out why your side will improve the situation for both sides. For example, this might also be a good section to point out possible ways to compromise or alternative solutions to the problem that would benefit both reader and writer. 7. Finally, conclude the essay by reminding your audience of your main points, and try to leave your audience with something to consider.

Evaluative Criteria for Essay 4 – use this as a checklist for your final draft!

o Does the essay have an intriguing title? o Does the author begin by exploring common ground? Would individuals from both side of the issue be open to reading this essay? o Is there an objectively phrased statement that defines the issue? o Has the author clearly and fairly presented both sides of the issue? o Has the author used 3 sources to fully explain both sides of the issue, for a total of 6 sources? o Has the author provided signal phrases before the quotes that properly contextualize the sources? o Has the writer bring the two sides together by talking about what they have in common? o Does the author illustrate how his/her position would help both sides? (thesis statement) o Is the paper concluded in an effective and persuasive manner? o Is MLA parenthetical documentation used effectively? o Does the author explain and analyze the quotes/paraphrases? o Has the author incorporated an editorial cartoon? Is it thoroughly described? o Does the essay have transitions that guide the reader from one idea to the next? o Is the essay relatively free of errors in spelling, grammar, and mechanics? o Is the essay in correct MLA format – including the works cited page? o Plagiarism will result in an automatic zero for the assignment


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