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Erikson’s Third Stage – Initiative vs Guilt results in a high and realistic sense of ambition and independence as a positive resolution in periods of crisis. This stage of development occurs within the ages of 3-6 years, where children begin to assert themselves more frequently. During this stage, the main focus is that the child interacts with other children at school, where they play together. Playing provides children the opportunity to explore their interpersonal skills by initiating with others through play and pretend.

Now this is a stage in my life that I do remember from my childhood. I have fairly fond memories of my early school years, mostly with my teachers. In kindergarden, I remember being a very imaginative and playful child, often initiating with the other kids in my class to pretend we were dragons and monsters. In those first years of school I was a very fearly and friendly child that wanted to be friends with everyone. It wasn’t until the first grade, when other children had began to tease me that I became shy and hesitent to interact with others.

One distinct memory I have from kindergarden is when I tried to do a cartwheel in the playground and ended up falling on my head. I had to go to the nurses office because of the way I had fallen, and I remember feeling scared that I was in trouble when the nurse and teacher were telling me that I could have broken my neck. It was such a profound moment in my memory that since then I have always been too scared to try and do a cartwheel again.


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