respond to 2 classmate

1.I think that there are many different ways research in the criminal justice field as a whole. I think especially for people who do not really understand what criminal justice is and they go off what social media tells them what police officers do, I think if those people took the time to actually see what police officers do on a daily basis instead of just look at or read only the bad things that happen, I think that that alone would help out the criminal justice field. There was definitely a time where there were ethical issues in criminal justice. I am talking about when the politicians were in control of law enforcement and they were able to use officers to push their agenda. Now days, this isn’t really a issue but I think that who ever is in charge could have power of pushing police policy in the direction that they wanted. Law enforcement is all about enforcing the laws that are put in place to keep the people that they protect out of harms way. I think that a way to conduct ethically sound research would be to really look at the sources, and not just pick and choose different what you want to see, and to not use bias opinions when doing research.

2.It is important to conduct research in the criminal justice field because it will help to improve the overall functions of various part in the criminal justice field. Moreover, research is very important to the development of criminal justice decision-making. Through well designed and implemented research, the criminal justice field can better explore the impact of policies, programs, and daily practices. Research can make policy makers know if their decisions or policies works effectively. Research can benefit the criminal justice field because it can help to reform policies and helped shape decision making that would have positive effect. Ethical issues related to criminal justice includes: the role of informed consent; the impact of the research design on outcome; and the necessity of confidentiality and immunity. One of the best way researchers can avoid and resolve ethical dilemmas when an ethically sound research is been conducted, is to know both what their ethical obligations are and what resources are available to them. Researchers can help themselves make ethical issues salient by reminding themselves of the basic underpinnings of research and professional ethics.


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