research paper on social inclusion outline already completed

Needed in all sections:

concepts from the text book

Description of major issues related to the topic

Biblical Integration

Would anyone be willing to write the abstract and the conclusion for our paper? I will take on the Title page and Introduction as well as my section of the paper. Again, the final paper will be about 7-8 pages in length along with a minimum of 7 references. Each one of our sections will be about a page and a half utilizing no less then two sources each.

THIS IS A GROUP RESEARCH PAPER- So my portion should only be approx 1 1/2 pages long. I have attached the Outline, please just make sure it has biblical intergration

ALSO I need the Abstract and conclusion for entire paper. PAPER TITLE and Rationale:

Here’s our rationale:

Our group has unanimously chosen to study the topic of “Diversity and Inclusion.” No doubt, Diversity and Inclusion has become an intense political issue today, with many contesting the fairness of affirmative action programs at work and schools. The Human Resource department has the task of diversity training: a program to eliminate friction or even discrimination amongst the employees by increasing their empathy for people different than themselves. We look forward researching Diversity and Inclusion together and forming our own opinions on this polarizing topic.


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