research paper on pros and cons of the nursing job

I already have two essays that are included into this research paper so once we start working together I will be sending them both to you.I have a con nursing job essay and a pro nursing job essay all other requirements are listed down below which is what my teacher is asking for.

The final paper is a cumulative research paper. In the final paper your will

  • expand your perspective (by returning to the databases, reading, and incorporating more relevant literature) and
  • reviewing the common ground; that is, instead of attempting to persuade, your will review consensus-building solutions that have been proposed to reconcile these opposing viewpoints and/or forward your own such solutions.

Your final paper should have:

  • an introduction (ending in a thesis statement and plan of development)
  • a section designated to providing background information, describing the social and/or historical and/or cultural context of the issue and providing crucial definitions
  • a section designated to the arguments in favor of
  • a section designated to the arguments against
  • a section describing the solutions you identified in the literature, your analysis of these solutions, a discussion on whether consensus is possible
  • a conclusion

Your paper must be formatted in APA style:

  • It will be a good idea to include at least level 1 headings (subtitles) for the various sections. Level 1 headings look exactly like the title. Feel free to visit the APA page to learn more:
  • Include in-text citations and full citations on the References page.
  • Please see the newly published APA student paper with explanations from the Purdue OWL (attached).

All in all, your paper should be about 3000 words approx. 10 pages


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