reflective consolidation paper


I have a requirement to write reflective consolidation paper

Subject:Database modelling and administration


Below are the requriements:

It should be of 10 pages (Excluding bibliography)(double-spaced)

Reflective consolidation paper should be based on key concepts and principles learned from the course, and how this learning may add value to your future learning or professional objectives.

you must write 8 or more concepts and principles and writing a minimum of 1 page per concept or principle

You should do some research for background either on the Internet or in the library. You are strongly encouraged to use the Internet to do some of your research. You must include a bibliography that lists the sources. The paper is expected in APA format. Proper APA formatted in-text citations and reference page are required

The paper should be prepared in Microsoft Word

plagiarism is not allowed.

Please do let me know if you have any questions

Here is the ebook…


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