reflection paper on covid 19 in terms of global organizations 1

write minimum 900 words based on the given instructions

in text citations and scholarly references required

NO plagiarism!

think of the ways in which you can make sense of the pandemic in terms of Global Organizations. It is a reflection paper. So reflect on one or more issues that this pandemic is having you reflect on. Make sure you have a thesis statement and highlight the concepts you are integrating with your responses. Provide evidence for your response.


if you can draw globalization concepts from this book:

Organizational Communication in an Age of Globalization. Issues, reflections, practices

by George Cheney, Lars Christensen, Theodore Zorn, Shiv Ganesh.



Example of my thesis statement: The pandemic has left me think about a couple of concepts on globalization such as global reflexivity and social imagination (see Chapter 13). Global reflexivity helps me understand how the pandemic is a consequence of interdependence between nations, and social imagination helps me think through what we can become as a collective.

Given the above thesis, for global reflexivity, I would expand on how decisions taken locally and globally have led to the pandemic. Provide evidence. For social imagination, I would list a few steps taken by the government under pressure – giving laptops and free wifi to students in public schools for 60 days, allocation of relief fund, and free tests for corona virus (cite to support these points). These are measures toward providing education benefits, healthcare benefits, and support for the poor, which should be central to our society, regardless of pandemic. Hence, social imagination led me to think about what we can become as a society in terms of ensuring fundamental rights of citizens.

Hope the example above makes it clear what this reflection paper is about. At the end of each chapter we have covered, you will find snapshots of key concepts. Those concepts can guide you explain your reflections in terms of concepts. Having said that, if you find it difficult to connect your thoughts and experiences to concepts we have read, that is fine. It is possible that your reflection is something that cannot be explained by what we have covered in class. In that case try and explain what you think is going on in your language and offer your own conceptualization.


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