redo work change wording keep same meaning reduce amount of page number

1- 12 pages need it to be reduce to (8) pages include references

2- need to change the vocabulary (words) in simple way need to change the wording of the work and it is ok to advance it no problem with that. but keep same meaning to make work original as new.

3- please note you are working in the same work that will need to change the wording and reduce the amount of it, but keep the paper good to understand it in educated way. confuse ask me to clear any thing.

4- Please kindly note Highlight in (red) in the same work what have you changed, and in the same time that will be deleted after see it and the changes necessarily (where in yellow is what is the new request is that will be keep after read and the changes.)

no need to change references keep it, and welcome to include any new one that are peer reviewed.


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