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Assignment B SLO Holding Title part 1 & 2

  • Points 70
  • Questions 12
  • Time Limit 60 Minutes
  • Allowed Attempts 4


PLEASE NOTE: There is a time limit on EACH try.

WHAT you need to study is provided below. The actual assignment is found in the questions.


You must develop a deep knowledge of the various ways to hold title to real estate. Here are some links that will help you.

Recommended Course Textbook Chapter 3

The Reference Book – A Real Estate Guide chapter 5 (Links to an external site.)

L. A. Times article “Picking the Best Way to Hold Title” (Links to an external site.)

Suze Orman Holding Title (Real Estate) (Links to an external site.)Holding Title (Real Estate)

RE School Lesson on Holding Title or Tenancy (Links to an external site.)RE School Lesson on Holding Title or Tenancy

SECOND PART: Answer the questions provided.

YOU have FOUR tries each try will last a maximum of 60 minutes

REVIEW this MODULE 2.7 Behave Yourself NO plagiarism & NO cheating


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