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Due to flexibilization of working life, project-based workgroups and flexible organizational structures are becoming increasingly important to study and understand, both as a group member and as a HRM professional. In this examination you will take the perspective of being a project leader in a project team. From the first day of starting your virtual team assignment with Texas State University, or Hackathon, you shall write down reflections about your experience working in your virtual team in a chronicle. The purpose of the chronicle is for you to reflect upon how your team evolves, your own as well as your team members actions and collaborations, performances as well as the discussed topic. You write it as chronicle, which means that you document your own as well as your teammates’ performance in a chronological order, as in a timeline. The chronicle is your reflective diary. This means you have to write it simultaneously as things happen and/or directly after they have happened. What challenges or opportunities appear in your teamwork?


In the end of the course you write an essay on 1000-1500 words, based on your chronicle, on how these challenges and opportunities can be understood from an IHRM perspective. In this essay, use at least three scientific articles of your own choice to address the challenges you have noticed in your chronicle. The observations you have written down in your chronical is thus your empirical material that you use to build an argument. Start your essay with a short and clear introduction and aim on what challenge you want to address. The scientific articles that you use (together with the empirical material in your chronicle) to address the aim of your essay could address various themes, such as team theory, cross-cultural theory, or other theories related to international human resource management. Besides the minimum of three scientific articles you can use as many (relevant) references as you wish. You do not have to conclude your essay with an answer, you might as well conclude with a question.

Attachment 1 – Team evaluation – salary criteria this is excluding the 1000 word ( look at DIARY )

In addition, as a project leader one of the challenges is to assess performance of your group members. As an attachment to the essay, you will put yourself in the position as project leader and assess your teammates´ performance and effort. Imagine that you were to give your team members a salary raise. Your budget allows you to in total of 2% to your team members. Construct a table where your assigned salary raise is shown. Do not include yourself in the table. Explain your decision, based on evaluation/salary criteria on what you found was important in the group members contributions in the teamwork, with a short text (not included in the wordcount of the essay).


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