read the attached ppt and answer the following questions in 3 paragraphs

New Recruit and Integrative negotiation.

The ‘New Recruit” negotiation involved three different categories of issues: Compatible, distributive, and integrative.

1-Briefly define each type and their importance to negotiations. How would you prepare for such a negotiation?

2-How would you start the first ten minutes of this negotiation and why? (See slides titled “First 10 Minutes”).

3-Now, focus on integrative issues (both tradable and compatible) – how you should approach these issues during the negotiation process? For example, identify the importance of knowing and valuing your interests, and the role of emotions, etc..

4-When it comes to these types of issues why is compromising like “leaving money on the table?” –

5-Why would you do worse if you simply compromised on each of these issues?

6-What is the point of a) contingent concessions b) making multiple equivalent offers simultaneously?


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