read ppt and textbook answer question

Chapter 13. Global Communication and Advertising

Instruction: Type Answers for all Questions (Single space). Post your Answers here.

READ Textbook Chapter 13 and the Lecture Notes; then Answer the Assignment Questions below:

1.According to the Textbook, International Advertising requires Different Strategies than Domestic Advertising due to differences in Culture, Level of Economic Development of Countries, Government Regulations, Consumer Ad Perceptions, and Product Information Needs. p. 517 – 520).

oDiscuss, in-depth, How Advertising in International Markets will be different from Domestic Advertising due to differences in the Environmental Factors listed above.

§ How will you modify your Advertising Strategy to fit the International Market Environment?

2.Integrated Marketing Communication – Combines Different Media to improve the Results of Marketing Communication Campaigns.

oDiscuss, in-depth, Characteristics of the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Concept.


§What are the Benefits of IMC?

§Discuss also the Need for Consistency in IMC Advertising Campaigns.

See textbook p. 522 – 523.

3.According to the Textbook, “Culture plays a central role in how people perceive and react to Advertising. Cultural awareness should be applied in every aspect of Marketing: in Selling, Label-Printing, Advertising, Web Content, and Promotion of Products.”

oDiscuss, in-depth, how the Marketing Factors discussed above should be Modified/Considered in – Advertising in China versus the United States of America. (see textbook p. 539 – 540)


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