q 7 and 9 saaa how to work ato and ciso

I would like to write about two parts. You have to write one page for each part.

Part 1- how would you automate the entire NIST ATO process?

You should use these links for part1






Part 2:I would like to answer this question 9 :

-how does Facebook (or social media in general) impact your organization, and what social media strategy/policy will you deploy in your organization if you are CISO?

1-You have to answer this question, please

2-You have to write References. please

3-No plagiarism, please

You have to follow these rules :

The 1-Your response should be from an added-value perspective.

Not only focused on the problem with social media.


2-this is an opportunity to leverage your role and experience to come up with the strategies, keeping in mind environment/organizational units differ.

3-You should deep-dive in scope while maintaining a more significant picture approach to ensure your CEO and Board see value in the strategy/policy.

4-attempt to critic your recommendation.

5-You have to get one unique information each link:

You should use these links for part2





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