problem oriented policing

The instructor would like to have questions answered in at least 2-3 paragraphs.

  • What guidelines should be placed on the use of differential response (taking a report over the phone or Internet)? How should a caller be handled who insists on having a patrol unit respond even when the trivial nature of the complaint does not justify it? Instructor’s note: At the time of this assignment the national pandemic, COVID-19, is still very much an issue. In your opinion, how has COVID-19 impacted the use of differential response?
  • To what phenomenon does the metaphor “broken windows” refer? To what enforcement approach does the metaphor apply? What was dramatic about the change in enforcement approach that is associated with broken windows enforcement? Instructor’s note: a Google search of this term demonstrates that this remains a current topic of academic interest and discussion. What is your opinion of “broken windows”?
  • What harm occurs by tagging the term “policing” onto a descriptive phrase of a strategic approach, that is, community policing, problem-oriented policing, intelligence-led policing, evidence-based policing, and the like?

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