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Module 5: Chapter 11 Discussion Board Assignment

Read Chapter 11 of the Abadinsky textbook. Then answer the questions below in the Canvass forum created by the instructor.

According to the author of your text, adding to the numerous safety and health problems endemic to prisons and thus parolees are those presented by infectious diseases.


  1. Given the recent Coronavirus epidemic, many state governors have ordered the release of some prisoners typically including those within 90 days of release, pregnant female offenders, and those with serious on-going medical issues.

First, do you agree or disagree with these governors’ decisions? Explain.

Second, what is the likely impact these releases will have on parole populations?

Third, how does the impact on parole populations relate to System’s Theory that you learned about earlier in the semester? Explain.

  1. Given the risk of Coronavirus transmission, if you were a parole officer, what precautions (policies/practices) would you institute to protect both you and the offender when conducting both office visits and home visits? How effective do you believe those measures would be? Explain.
  1. Do you think Corona virus will forever change the manner in which probation and parole officers interact with offenders? Explain.

Directions: Please provide original responses to the questions above by noon on Friday, April 24, 2020. No peer responses are required. The assignment is worth 10 semester points (6 for the assignment and 4 for extra credit 🙂.

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