price transparency in medical care and medicine

1. Clearly explaining/analyzing your problem, like you did in the “Defining a Problem” worksheet — you should answer the following question. (If you’re not sure how to organize your paper, try going in this order!)

  • What harm does your problem cause to individuals, communities, institutions, or ecologies?
  • Why does the problem exist? When and how did it develop?
  • Which individuals, communities, or institutions benefit from this problem existing?
  • Who is paying attention to or speaking about the problem among journalists, politicians, scholars, other researchers, activists, governmental agencies, and/or industries?

2. Supporting your explanation of that problem with at least 3 scholarly sources. (Your final draft will include 6-8 scholarly sources).

  • Many have emailed asking about popular sources like newspapers — these can be helpful, especially in describing the current dialogue about your problem, but they don’t count toward your research quota.

3. 1500 words

1. Black/White Disparities in Health Care (1989 Report (Links to an external site.)) and studies since 2015 (Links to an external site.) of Racial Disparities in Health Care. Additional: The Terrible Toll of the Tuskegee Study (Links to an external site.)

2. Concierge Medicine (Links to an external site.)

3. Role of Federal Government: Institute on Medicine as a Profession: Torture and dual loyalty (Links to an external site.)

4. Role of State Government: From the Atlantic: The Ethics of Execution (Links to an external site.)

5. CRISPR Babies (Links to an external site.)

6. Medicine and the Market (Links to an external site.)

7. Prescribing opioids (Links to an external site.)

8. Big Pharma (Links to an external site.) (UNESCO report with countless possible topics, including ethics in advertising, clinical trials, etc)

9. Roughly 85 separate topics with complete bibliographies on the Bioethics Research Library website at Georgetown (Links to an external site.)

Topic: transparency in medical care


1. (Links to an external site.)

this is an article written in July 3rd, 2019 by David Blumenthal, Lovisa Gustafsson, and Shanoor Seervai who belong to a cooperation named “Commonwealth Fund” established in 1918. This article mainly talks about will price transparency lower public’s health care or not? in the article, the result was it might not work in America, first reason was the price transparency might increase the hospital’s cost; secondly, public needs more information about all kinds of function of medicine, or information about doctors in hospital, because public would simply think that high price means high quality; last it was hard to determine how much would an illness cost since during treatment, everything can be unpredictable, the final price might be higher than expectation.

2. (Links to an external site.)

written by David Vivero in August 21, 2019 who is a member of Amino Health. This article talks about the advantage of price transparency in medical care and why we should have price transparency in medical care. He argued that “the higher price means higher quality” is not fit in the medical care. Doctor in the big hospital might charge 1000 dollars for a treatment, and the doctor in a small clinic might charge 100 dollar for the same thing. Hospitals charge the same thing at a various price which is not good, public get confused about where to go and most Americans do not have money for medical care. US have a very high charge on medical care is a common sense now.

3. (Links to an external site.)

written by Jonathan Kaplan in December 12, 2019. This article is mainly about the good sides of the price transparency in medical care. Hospital would be asked to list the price of 300 kinds of medicine and treatments or services, in addition, the price of cancellation and so on. People get confident if they know the price of a thing that they want, so they know if they can afford it or not. We have all other goods have price transparency, but not for medical care. Most of the time, people would try to stay home and cure themselves rather than go to hospital since they are not sure if they can afford the price or not.

4. (Links to an external site.)

this article was written by Jack O’Brien in August 6th, 2019. This article contained a lot of survey data collected from patients. According to Waystar survey, one fourth patients had bad experience due to the lack of price transparency during hospital visiting. And they had to give up medical care for not knowing the real price for a treatment.

5. (Links to an external site.)

“transparency in the cost of care” written by John Santa talks about the benefit of price transparency in medical that public would have more right to make decision for their own body in front of doctors. And this would push the hospital to lower their price for their treatment for competition.

6. (Links to an external site.)

written by Michael Williams in Feb 28th, 2020. this article talks about why we need to have price transparency in medical care, and what we need to know about price transparency that they should open the cost of every treatment and medicine.

7. (Links to an external site.)

written by Philip Betbeze in Mar 14th, 2014. this article talks about why the price transparency so hard to complete in medical care. Because in this area, exist the third party who offer the equipment, the medicines and so on. They do not want their benefit to be hurt. And transparency on cost are mostly forbidden.

Obviously, patients are hurting from this problem, public does not know the price for the treatment and medicine they are treating with, nor have the ability to compare hospitals and clinics. (source 2,3,4,5)

this problem is existing in American medical system, and this problem had been a problem a long time, since last year, Trump had proposed this policy. (source 2)

the problem existed because the third party do not want to tell the public about their cost, which would hurt their benefit. (source 7)

this problem is always urgent because people are afraid to get sick, to go to hospital. Because the price is too high for them to afford. Later on, people know that hospital is gonna cost a lot, so they choose not to go anymore. Like now, when the test kit and the treatment were not free, who had the courage to get a test, as I know one test kit was cost like three thousand dollars. This is the reality now that America had a broke medical system, most of people cannot afford to visit a hospital. (source 3)

Organization like Fundraisers had concerns most. since their goal was prove people’s lives. (source 1)

for myself, I always heard that how much visit hospital would cost, so I am afraid to be sick in America. What is more, it is worse for pets, I have two cats, in animal hospital, there is same issue.


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