powerpoint presentation any simple topic lt easy and simple

PowerPoint Presentation

The following is the matrix of the PowerPoint. On the next to the last class each student will have the opportunity to present this to the class.

  • This can be about any subject you like or want to talk about. (With these exceptions, nothing R Rated, no foul language (F-Bomb equals an F). If a controversial subject both sides of the argument must be presented. If you are not sure if it is acceptable..ASK.
  • Props and such are encouraged remember how Randy Pausch used all of these. (Props cannot include live animals or any type of weapon). Not that I am opposed to that but for safeties sake.
  • Make the presentation at least 10 slides long (This does not include introduction or ending slides i.e. references)
  • Add some graphics to at least two slides
  • Have a.gif on one slide (moving graphic)or youtube embedded
  • Bullet points on at least one slide
  • Make the slides another background (not white)
  • Sound and animations sometimes enhances things but are not required.

***** Remember this is about learning the ability to Present not be all that fancy. Fancy stuff comes after getting the basic things mastered first. *****


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