poem summery

Briefly address these aspects of this poem: theme, literary devices, tone, and point of view. Some questions to consider: What is the theme of this poem? What imagery and symbols are used? What is the tone of the poem? Is there a shift in tone? What is the effect of using the first-person plural in the poem?

We grow accustomed to the Dark —When Light is put away —As when the Neighbor holds the LampTo witness her Goodbye —A Moment — We uncertain step 5For newness of the night —Then — fit our Vision to the Dark—And meet the Road — erect — And so of larger — Darkness —Those Evenings of the Brain —10When not a Moon disclose a sign —Or Star — come out — within — The Bravest — grope a little —And sometimes hit a TreeDirectly in the Forehead —15But as they learn to see —Either the Darkness alters —Or something in the sightAdjusts itself to Midnight —And Life steps almost straight.20


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