pjm 410 mod 4 critical thinking

Work Related Process Map

Develop a process map for a process where you work. When possible, involve coworkers to help you with job functions outside your knowledge area. Make sure your process map has clear ownership for each task. Include at least 5 swim lanes and at least 20 total tasks across all lanes.


  • Prepare a process map using any tool you wish, i.e., MS Visio, MS Word, Excel, LucidChart, or free tools such as draw.io (Links to an external site.). Save your document as a pdf file for uploading to your assignment area.
  • Ensure your process has at least 5 swim lanes and at least 20 total tasks across all swim lanes. Your paper should include a process name, date, version, contact information, and clearly defined start and finish. All tasks should include action verbs for example, “Task 2.2-Build contract spreadsheet using Excel Master File”, or “Task 19.1-Post shelf engineering details to Ship3DB”.
  • Your tasks should clearly show who is taking what action and how. Make sure all requirements to start a task are shown by delivery of those specifics linked from earlier tasks.

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