phonics mini lesson

The philosophy of phonics can best be understood by developing a lesson plan that is rooted in the phonics approach. Even if your school does not subscribe to the phonics approach, it is beneficial to research the approach in order to add more literacy tools to your toolbox.

Using the “Phonics Mini-Lesson Template,” create a small group phonics standards-based mini-lesson for your field experience grade level (K). Your mini-lesson should include PENNSLYVANIA standard related to phonics appropriate for your field experience grade level, an aligned objective, a pre-assessment, a relevant learning activity, and a post-assessment.

Review your lesson plan with your mentor teacher and arrange to implement it with a small group in the classroom. Discuss with your mentor teacher the design of your lesson, and include feedback for improvements.

If it is not possible to implement the assignment, here is a resource of videos that may be used

Write a 250-500 word evaluative reflection on your experience. Discuss the feedback received from your mentor teacher and how you revised your lesson plan based on the feedback. Discuss whether individual student needs were met, and reflect upon the effectiveness of the lesson.


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