nutrition analysis assignment

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Nutrition analysis assignment; Harvard School of Medicine:

Read the information found at these two sites and answer the questions below:… and… ————————————————————————————————————

Which guidelines to a healthy diet and lifestyle are you presently following?

What are some ‘low hanging fruit” …that is, what are some of their recommendations you are not now following but which would be easy for you to change today?

Are there any physical activities you are doing now or would be interested in doing to stay active?

What are foods high in Saturated Fats?

What are foods high in Unsaturated Fats?

What are the most common and abundant forms of carbohydrates?

What are some examples of the healthiest sources of Carbohydrates?

What are some unhealthier sources of Carbohydrates?

What is Type 2 diabetes and what are some theoretical causes?

Define low-glycemic foods. Give some examples.

Define high-glycemic foods. Give some examples.

What are some possible health consequences of eating high-glycemic foods?

What were some surprises you came across in your readings from Harvard’s guidelines?


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