newly appointed chief of police

Each answer should be a minimum of 2 pages, double – spaced with one-inch margins. State your assumptions. Please do not repeat the question as a part of your answer.

You are the appointed leader/supervisor of a group representing the office of a newly appointed Chief of Police for a large city experiencing high crime rates, which have been directly associated with gun violence on the street. (You are considered by the public as being police executives and are equally responsible for the powers of the Chief of Police.)

Street-level violence within the community has existed for years but the numbers of reported robberies, burglaries, murders, assaults, and theft have become increasingly prevalent in more recent times. The mayor’s office and various members of the community are demanding “answers” because you were hired to help reduce these types of crimes based on your expertise in the policy-making process. In order to make a difference in overall crime rates, you must address all serious issues relating to crime and its prevention. You have to address the crime problems mentioned above, but what does the research tell you?

Your job is to develop a short-term and long-term strategy to effectively deal with these problems. As with most localities, the various agencies working within your jurisdiction are operating under tight budgets, so you must choose your interventions wisely.

Assume there are no programs in place to deal with the challenges that you are now facing. (You may want to consider what security tools you should, or may what to use in your evaluation.)


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