needed the below discussions posted below

In order to receive full credit discussion posts must include at least 2 scholarly references in APA format, a detailed initial post

1.Introduce and discuss a relevant issue regarding Emerging Threats.

2.Introduce and discuss a relevant issue regarding Security in SDLC versus Agile.


I wish you all the best as you pursue educational and professional

development in the Information Technology field. IT is an exciting,

dynamic environment where we should consider education a life-long

journey, rather than a destination.

Provide a brief or in-depth response of the class focusing on how the class can improve for future students. No references are needed for this assignment.

Suggestions below:

How would you improve the material for future classes?

What sources of information would you add?

Where should there be deeper dives in material?

Should there be more or less assignments?

Any other feedback?


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