need 3 history questions answered

1. The conflicts and exploration of the early 19th century helped shape the philosophies and morale of the nation. Explain how events like the War of 1812 and exploration towards the West by the United States may have impacted the sense of what it was to be “American” during this period. 200 word minimum

2 .Impact of Industrialization: During this time period, we saw a tremendous growth in industry and the growth of the nation. In your opinion, which was more important to this growth: the National Road, the railroads, or the canal system? Why?

150 word minimum

3. Imagine yourself in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1840 where either you or a close family member works as a factory girl in the textile mill. Discuss what you (or your close family member) experience and see. Consider how technology has made the town distinct and if women affiliated with the mill were treated better or worse in society than their peers elsewhere. 200 word minimum


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