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Watch the documentry “History of Modern Dance” by James Holzknecht


answer the following question

What is modern dance and what is its relationship to ballet? Summarize your understanding of the overall history and evolution of modern dance.

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response one

“In the history of modern dance, modern dance is considered as the “delta” of dance, it’s the delta as it washes into something else. It’s spread out over thousands of miles, thousands of artists and thousands of cultures. It’s so extensive, modern dance is always evolving, and so rich, because it’s always growing. This form of dance is used in a variety of cultures around the world, and you can use it in any style that suits you best.

I think modern dance can really help people explore themselves and express their emotions. When it is passed down from generation to generation, I believe it will change because everyone is different and brings different experiences. Modern ballet is important because ballet is the foundation of modern dance. Modern dance uses many aspects of ballet, such as the technical basis of ballet. But there are also differences. Different from ballet, modern dance uses different heights to express ideas. In addition, ballet is not a kind of dance to express any thought or theme, it pays more attention to body movements.

Every modern dance culture will show different things according to different cultures, which is why watching modern dance is so amazing. Now we can see that modern dance is also combined with other dances, such as floor dance, hip-hop dance and so on

response two:

This video provides a lot of information about the development of modern dance and the relationship between modern dance and ballet. The American modern dance is exactly the rise after the Second World War, began to have a major impact on the world. As a diverse and coexisting country, the United States is full of optimism and freedom. It is this environment that has encouraged the integration of diverse cultures into modern dance. In such a living environment, dance continuously absorb and integrate various cultures, prompting the dance to diverge rapidly. Even now, modern dance is still evolving. In addition, modern dance and ballet are closely related, many basic movements of modern dance come from Ballet. However, unlike ballet’s formalist tendency of pursuing skill and ingenuity, modern dance emphasizes the liberation of the human body and freedom of thought, and it seems to have some romantic and idealistic color.


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