making sure to follow the instructions please answer four of the following questions

Format and Directions

      • Word-processed as Word or Rich Text Format (rtf) files. Do not attach Pages, Google Docs, or PDF files.
  • Single-spaced
  • Have one-inch margins all around
  • Place a heading in the document at the top left. In the heading, put name, 220, and assignment # on separate lines. The heading does not count in the word length.
  • You should proofread and edit these assignments to ensure that you have written at an acceptable college level and have minimized errors.
  • Use your own words in answering these questions. They should be based on your reading and understanding of the course readings, but not just copied from them. Again, use your own words, MINIMIZE QUOTES, and do the work by yourself. .
  • Do NOT use outside sources such as Wikipedia. Doing so will lead to failure. If you have encountered some of this material in other courses or readings, tell me about it and I’ll let you know what you can use.
  • An adequate answer will run to about 200-300 words.So if you have three questions, your answers would come out to 600-900 words.


McMichael: Chapter 8: The Globalization Project in Crisis (module 11) o Carroll: “The Globalization of American Food” (File) o Smith: “Boston’s Water: Public or Private?” (Link below) o Millstone and Lang: 23 Greenhouse Gases (62-3) 37 Fast Food (94-5) (I DO NOT OWN THIS BOOK, BOOK NAME BELOW)

 Millstone, Erik and Tim Lang. 2008. The Atlas of Food: Who Eats What, Where, and Why. 2 nd Edition. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press.


  1. What does a study of countermovements reveal about the claims and impact of the globalization project, and its central philosophy of neo-liberalism?
  2. How big a role do children play in working the land in developing societies? Give several examples.
  3. One way in which international development is realized is through inequality. What key forms of inequality distinguish and/or define its three historical periods (colonial, development, and globalization)?
  4. What do you see as the most important points in “The Globalization of American Food”?
  5. Thinking about Smith’s article on Boston’s water, what do you see as the most important point he makes?

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