lit 202 final assignment


Thinking back on the class:

  1. What have you learned about American Literature and culture that you will take away with you?
  2. What have you learned about yourself as a student?
  3. What do you still want to learn?
  4. How will you learn it?


  • Respond to my question by and then to at least two peers’ responses. I will grade these answers on depth– so yes, take a while to reflect– as well as grammar, so yes, proof and spellcheck!
  • You can answer by answering each question separately or by making a paragraph or two that answers them all at once.
  • 30 pts possible for original post:5 per reply to another’s post– if you do more just write “Hi and bye!” We seek substance!
  • Post your reflection on the course by 5/2, 5pm for 30 points.
  • Respond to two classmates (typing @ name of student to whom you reply) by the same deadline for 5 pts each.

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