leadership 252

For each of the following scenarios, explain how you would deal with the issues. Please support and defend your response with references to the class lecture notes. Your response must be at least 200 words per scenario. Submit your assignment in a Microsoft Word document.

  1. You work for a small company named “Cool Stuff” in Troy, Alabama. This company has a boss and 10 employees. You produce paraphernalia (t-shirts, baseball caps, banners, etc.) for college football teams. Today, you receive a request from Troy University to produce twice the number of products as they had originally requested for the upcoming home game. What will you do?
  2. You work for a fortune 500 company in New York City named “Technical Services”. This company has a CEO, 5 division managers, and 5,000 other employees. Your group provides internet access for the customers in New England. The manager of the New England division just received a message from one of their biggest clients that if their internet speed isn’t improved in the next 30 days, they are going to fire “Technical Services” and hire another company. How will your group respond?
  3. You work on a farm in Little Rock, Arkansas which grows corn as its primary crop. The staff of this farm includes the owner and 5 farm hands. It has recently been discovered that, because of extreme water shortages across the country, approximately half of the expected corn crops are not going to be harvested. This means that the farm stands to lose upwards of $700,000 of its annual income, which could result in the layoff of employees. What might you do?

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