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Create a “Personal Monthly Budget”, similar to the “Sample Budget” posted this week, that covers your financial resources and expenses.


  • Use the Sample Budget, the PDF file that is posted in the Weekly Content area and Week 13: April 16 link to frame your personal budget spreadsheet. A copy of this PDF file is attached for your convenience.
  • Note that the Sample Budget is set for one year and your Mini Project is for one month! (Pay attention to the difference) – 25 points
  • Add as many expense items as possible so you can have a good scenario for the What-If Analysis part.
  • In the end, show your savings or your extra income/shortage that you need to balance your monthly budget. – 25 point
  • Finally, perform a What-if Analysis (Goal Seek) of the amount of Saving based on your own scenario. – 10 points
  • You should have 2 Sheet tabs in your spreadsheet file. Rename Sheet1 to “Original Personal Budget” to save your original budget sheet and Sheet2 to “Personal Budget Analysis” to save a copy of your budget sheet and perform the What-if Analysis (Goal Seek) in this one.
  • Make sure to have all formulas where needed. Missing any single formula will cost you points. – 40 points
  • Upload your Excel file into Bb for grading by the next session (April 23)

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